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2020 Food For Fines


Do you have overdue library fines?

It’s that time of year again! The annual Food for Fines Drive at the library is back!

The Public Library of New London and the Salvation Army of New London are working together, settling late fees and helping the community, simultaneously.

From September 1st through September 30th, patrons can pay down their fines by bringing in canned goods and non-perishable items to the Public Library of New London.*

Overdue fines will be forgiven with any quantity of food items donated, no matter the amount of the fine.  The term ‘overdue fines’ refers to any library items that have been returned to the library later than the due date and have accrued fines.  This program does not apply to replacement fees of lost or damaged materials.

“Food for Fines” presents a great opportunity for patrons to give back to the community and get their Library record back in good standing. Patrons can then take full advantage of the great materials and programs the Library offers such as Wi-Fi, mobile Hot-Spots, Mango Languages, Grant Database, downloadable books, New York Times Bestsellers, magazines, CDs, and DVDs, museum passes and more!

The Library is pleased to partner with the Salvation Army of New London. We will gladly accept the following in unopened, non-expired condition:

* Pasta/Sauce                                                   * Corned Beef

* Macaroni & Cheese                                        * Hot & Cold Cereal

* Soup                                                                * Peanut Butter

* Rice                                                                 * Powdered Milk

* Canned Meat Products                                   * Tuna Fish

* Canned Beans, Vegetables, Fruit                   * Soap

* Canned Chili/Stew                                         * Toilet Paper


Even if patrons do not have fines, the Library will gladly accept items for the Salvation Army of New London.


*Any donations brought to the Salvation Army directly do not qualify for the Food for Fines program. All donations must be brought to the Public Library of New London to be accredited.


For more information, call the Library please contact Fran Gibbs-Kail at 860-447-1411 x107 or by email at frangk@plnl.org.


Want to share the great news? You can print out our flier to share here: Food For Fines


In the past we have graciously partnered with community centered charities such as The New London Area Food Pantry,  the Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center in New London.




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