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The Circle

Eggers Jacket.JPGThis book is equal parts fascinating and horrifying. Satire but also a scary glimpse into where the future might be going. For people who have an interest in privacy, technology and identity…or on the other side of the coin, transparency, this is a must read. – Recommended by Mary

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The Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family, and Ducks Created a Dynasty

duckIf you watch the popular A&E television series of Duck Dynasty, then you will enjoy this book.
Featuring the true life story of the Robertson family it is filled with humorous stories, family recipes, business decisions and parenting tips that can delight and inspire readers.  – Recommended by Fran

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second honeymoon

Second Honeymoon

This exciting new release by James Patterson follows FBI Agent John O’Hara and Special Agent Sarah Brubaker as they solve serious and deadly mysteries that all have one thing in common:  weddings!  Keeps you riveted and interested until the very end!  -Recommended by Linda

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Looking for Alaska

It is no exaggeration when I say that I am obsessed with John Green’s books.  He is a Young Adult writer who wrote The Fault in Our Stars, which I read first and loved.  So I decided to go back to the beginning and I read Looking for Alaska, which was his first novel.  It is one of those “stay up reading until 1am because you just have to finish it” kind of books.  Beautiful character development, achingly honest dialogue, and a plot that sucks you in.  Highly recommend even for adult readers!!  -Recommended by Mary

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The Virgin Blue

Compelling and engaging story by Tracy Chevalier about Ella Turner and Isabelle du Moulin—two women born centuries apart, yet bound by a fateful family legacy.  Taking place in a small French village, this story will charm and delight you.  -Recommended by Kari

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The Mortal Instruments Series

I loved this series.  It sucks you right in!  I was happy I started reading it once the first three books were out because I couldn’t put it down.  It’s a paranormal love story with lots of twist and turns.  I highly recommend it.  -Recommended by Maritza

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Book 3


The Inn at Rose Harbor

Debbie Macomber’s touching and hopeful story of a young widow who purchases a Bed & Breakfast creating a new life for herself in a charming setting. The first guests arrive each dealing with their own personal struggles. The author allows you to sympathize with the novel’s characters, while making you feel like you are also a guest at the Inn. A lovely story leaving you to anticipate who will be the next guests. -Recommended by Fran

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Max and Ruby’s Midas

Another Greek Myth by Rosemary Wells. My son loves Max and Ruby and this book didn’t disappoint. Max loves his junk food, and to curb his sweet tooth, big sister Ruby creates a story of a Little Prince Midas who learns how to vaporize his healthy food and change it into sweets with his laser-beam eyes. But what happens when he can’t quite control the focus of his laser? Very cute and funny, this book had my 6 year old son laughing out loud, but it also sneaks in a lesson about the importance of good nutrition.  -Recommended by Julie

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sharp objects

Sharp Objects

I absolutely devoured this book by Gillian Flynn, the author of the recently published and acclaimed Gone Girl.   Sharp Objects is her first novel, and it is one of those rare books that without you even realizing, you have become a part of the story and begin to care about the characters, even if they are seriously flawed.  This riveting thriller goes very quickly, and now that I’ve read two of her books, I can’t wait to read the third!  -Recommended by Mary

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snow white

Snow White in New York

This is a very cool take on the classic Snow White tale. This time, Snow White lives in Manhattan with her father after the death of her mother. Alls well until he marries the Classiest Dame in town- who loves to see herself in the newspaper “The Daily Mirror”. But no one knows that she is really the Queen of the Underworld. When one day the Daily Mirror takes notice of Snow White, the Queen wants her done away with. But Snow White runs away and gets a job at a club downtown with a 7-man Jazz group. Turns out she can sing, and attracts the attention of a handsome reporter who features her in the Daily Mirror again and again. A poison apple becomes a poisoned cherry in a cocktail and you know the rest of the story. Fabulous illustrations with a hip art-deco style.  -Recommended by Julie

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