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Beggars at the Wall

Beggars at the Wall by Roshelle Ratner

“In Beggars at the Wall, Rochelle Ratner guides us through an Israel that is not quite the Middle Eastern country we’ve learned about from CNN or travel books. This is her Israel: a fabled and disquieting place she wants to love like a homeland but cannot entirely embrace. In these plain-spoken poems, so naked in their concerns and passions, Ratner has given us the work of a secular Jew who yearns to be centered in Zion but who knows that Israel can never be her home. Her poems are washed in the light of Safed, Masada, and Jerusalem–a light that reveals hard truths about the lone Jewish nation on the planet…and about ourselves”–Charles Fishman.

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After the Fall: Poems Old and New

After the Fall

After the Fall refers to the twin towers, and is Field’s ode to the events that transpired thereafter–the war in Iraq and the attack on civil rights in America–as well as his own personal struggles over the indignities of aging.

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A new anthology of modern poetry

A new anthology of modern poetry

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Murder in Exile

Murder in Exile by Vincent H. O'neil

Eddie Gonzalez, a young man who only recently bought life insurance, is killed in a hit-and-run accident. The insurance company hires Frank to look into Eddie’s life. Frank thinks the company is just trying to get out of paying the money and he sets out to prove the legitimacy of the claim. In doing so, he manages to ruffle the feathers of Dennis Dannon, the chief of police and a friend of the Gonzalez family, and to bring threats down upon his own head. As Frank looks further into the case, it becomes clear that Eddie’s death was not an accident, and that the killers actually had another target in mind.

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Sanctuary by William Faulkner

A powerful novel examining the nature of evil, informed by the works of T. S. Eliot and Freud, mythology, local lore, and hardboiled detective fiction. Sanctuary is the dark, at times brutal, story of the kidnapping of Mississippi debutante Temple Drake, who introduces her own form of venality into the Memphis underworld where she is being held.

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An Unacceptable Death

An Unacceptable Death by Barbara Seranella

One thing about Miranda Mancini that has never changed is the name everyone knows her by—Munch. But the child abused by her father and sent into prostitution, the young girl who stole money because she couldn’t do without her drugs, the woman who spent awful months in prison—that person no longer exists. Instead, Munch Mancini is the surrogate “mother” of a friend’s loving little girl, a woman who can top any male car mechanic’s talents with a tool, and the unbelievably happy fiancée of police detective Enrique “Rico” Chacón. It’s an ordinary life and it’s exactly what she wants.

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The Longest Memory

The Longest Memory by Fred D'Aguilar

The story of a rebellious and fiercely intelligent young slave and the escape attempt that cost him his life is told from the perspectives of his father, the master, the master’s daughter, and the overseer’s son.

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The Mercy Seat

The Mercy Seat by Martyn Waites

A research scientist has gone missing. An ace newspaper reporter has disappeared and so has a minidisk, along with its incriminating evidence. And a teenage hustler is on the run. In his pursuer, the Hammer, a skin-headed professional killer, the principle of evil has indeed been made flesh. Unsettling and unpredictable, this compelling page-turner delivers point-blank its every unexpected narrative hit, twist, and turn as it leads protagonist Joe Donovan to the terror of the mercy seat.

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Before and After

Before and After by Rosellen

Carolyn and Ben Reiser moved to Hyland, New Hampshire with their two children for the comforts of rural life. But when the local police chief comes looking for their seventeen-year-old son Jacob to question him about the brutal murder of his girlfriend, the Reisers’ lives begin to unravel. A compelling story that will capture you in the opening scene and hold you through its shocking conclusion, Before and After is a stunning novel that pits parent against parent, brother against sister, family against community, blood loyalty against law-as “deep questions of loyalty, honesty, and love are forced to the surface in this psychologically riveting tale.”

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The Ideal Bride

The Ideal Bride by Stephanie Laurens

Michael Anstruther-Wetherby is a rising member of Parliament—a man destined for power. Aristocratic, elegant, and effortlessly charming, he is just arrogant enough to capture the interest of the ladies of the ton. And with his connections to the wealthy and influential Cynster family—his sister is married to Devil Cynster, the Duke of St. Ives—his future appears assured. Except that Michael lacks the single most important element of success: a wife.

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