Children’s Books & Literacy 101

Want help choosing a children’s book?  Help is just a click away on these web sites.

Also, look at our Children’s Reading List pages! You will find lists of award winning books and subject lists there.

😯   What were children’s books like in bygone eras? See and read time-honored tales and historical narratives for preschool through teens online at the Library of Congress Classic Books

😯  The rhymes and rhythms of Mother Goose will help your child develop verbal and pre-reading skills. On the Real Mother Goose site you can find your favorite Mother Goose rhymes by title or first line.

😯   School Library Journal Top 100 Picture Books. You could argue that the first books a child encounters will influence how they read for the rest of their lives. Stretching the definition of what constitutes a “picture book” to include everything from board books to easy titles, the readers of School Library Journal voted on what they felt were their own individual Top Ten picture books of all time. Points were given for rank and order and counted accordingly. The result is a list of the Top 100 Picture Books for the 21st century.—Betsy Bird

😯 Find all you want to know and more about children’s literature on Vandergrift’s Children’s Literature Page.