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Upcoming Events:


Grant Database Training for September:

  • September 21, 10:30- 11:30 am (Grant Database Training for Nonprofits). Register at https://bit.ly/2kYI3TC or call us at 860-447-1411.

Grant Database Training for November:

  • November 13, 10:00- 11:00 am (Grant Database Training for Nonprofits). Register at https://bit.ly/2JpLBst or call us at 860-447-1411.


Nonprofit Sustainability

Tuesday, Sept 18

9:30 AM Registration                10:00-12:00 PM  Program

Register at https://bit.ly/2JYiqkF or call us at 860-447-1411.

The buzzword in the nonprofit world is sustainability. Some think it’s a trap funders use to disqualify funding. In fact, it’s the best thing to happen to the nonprofit world!  By understanding both sides of the paradigm nonprofits and funders have the opportunity to better serve their communities, their individual mission AND create a stable sustainable funding foundation. Learn how to diversify your funding and how to discuss the true costs of creating a sustainable program/initiative with a funder.

Presenter:  Kristen Tierney has been an entrepreneur and coach for over 25 years.  Her business, the Tierney Development Group, utilizes her sustainability funding model to create diverse and robust funding foundations for nonprofits. The model identifies, cultivates and builds a variety of income streams creating strong funding foundations for clients allowing them to return to their core mission focus.

Kristen has been an active volunteer for over 34 years providing in-kind development services and direction for nonprofits. She currently serves on Fairfield’s first Town Strategic Planning Committee, was a Trustee and Chair of the Fairfield Public Library System (2008-2014) and is a Coordinating Council Member of The Keep the Promise Coalition (2012-) with a particular interest in public policy, health, and social services.


Best Practices for Performance Reviews

Thursday, Oct 18

9:30 AM Registration                10:00-12:00 PM  Program

Register at https://bit.ly/2KpYuqg or call us at 860-447-1411.

Performance reviews are one of your most effective tools for managing your workforce and protecting your organization from employment-related legal claims. Join us for this workshop to learn how to write and conduct performance reviews that work for you and your employees. Whether you’re a long-time manager or evaluating your employees for the first time, this workshop will provide you with practical tips to ensure a successful and legally compliant performance review process.

Specific topics will include:

  •          Why do performance reviews?
  •          How to write a performance review
  •          How to communicate a performance review
  •          Avoiding common mistakes in performance reviews

Program sponsored by the Pro Bono Partnership.


Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

Tuesday, Nov 6

4:45 PM Registration                5:00-6:30 PM  Program

Register at https://bit.ly/2LAiLpM or call us at 860-447-1411.

What will the future bring? Is your current path secure? Are there major changes in the offing that will dramatically impact your operations?  Imagining the future is only half of the equation.  Anticipating those changes and plotting your course for success will insure the sustainability and growth of your organization.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll walk through the planning process and help you rough out a high-level plan for your organization.  Topics will include:

  • Truing Your Compass: Defining your organization’s culture
  • Imagining the Future: Techniques for exploring future possibilities
  • Developing the Plan: Short-term priorities and long-term plan
  • Making it Stick: Key indicators to track progress

Presenter:  Tom Gezo, PMP is a business adviser and project management professional specializing in putting strategy into action. He is a Certified PMI Project Management Professional as well as a Stanford Certified Project Manager. Tom is the founder of TGBC: TGezo Business Consulting, LLC, a consulting practice powered by project management. He works with business leaders to set goals, define strategy and align their organization and activities to maximize performance. Learn more about Tom Gezo at TGezoBusinessConsulting.com.

Workshops sponsored by Southeastern CT SCORE.


What Is the Center?

The Public Library of New London, in partnership with the Foundation Center, is pleased to be able to offer a Non Profit Resource Center to the hundreds of non profits in the area. We offer:

  • Access to information on 100,000 grantmakers and 2.3 million grants through the Foundation Center Online Databases.
  • A variety of non profit literature including periodicals and books on topics ranging from non profit management, to marketing, to social media, to finances, to grant writing and fundraising.
  • Monthly workshops and networking events designed to help non profits better fulfill their mission.



“I just have to let you know how much I got from your presentation [Finding Funding Database Tutorial]  last night. You were slow paced, clear and concise in your delivery and I was able to follow along without panicking or being discouraged. Thank you so much.” – Louise Fabrykiewcz, Save Ocean Beach

“Thank you for doing the work to provide this morning’s Social Media Workshop. Anne’s presentation and handouts came at just the right time for me as I was wondering how to bring social media into our planning process. I will be signing up for both sessions on October 12.” – Lou Allyn, Mystic River Historical Society