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Non Profit Resource Center

Upcoming Events:

Grant Database Training for January:

Grant Database Training for February:

  • February 9, 12:30- 1:30 pm (Introduction to Grant Seeking for Individuals). Register at http://bit.ly/1r8n9AV

Grant Database Training for March:

Or call us at 860-447-1411 to register .


How to Start A Nonprofit

Monday, January 26, 2015       

9:00-9:30 AM Coffee and Registration           9:30-12:00 PM Program

Are you thinking about launching your own nonprofit organization? This workshop will guide you through the beginning stages of forming a non-profit business, how to officially form it and register with states as a charity. You will also learn about obtaining tax-exempt status and fundraising for your non-profit organization.

Presenters: Bob Potter has 40 years of experience in creative management, marketing communications, and non-profit development for leading corporate, arts, cultural and non-profit organizations. Nazz Paciotti former Financial Officer in aerospace, international, and physical security companies has expertise in startups, acquisitions, divestitures, and mergers.

Please call 860-447-1411 ext 3 or register at http://bit.ly/1GzgXpj


Ethics, Transparency and Accountability for Nonprofits

Tuesday, February 17, 2015  

9:30-10:00 AM Coffee and Registration           10:00-12:00 PM Program      

Scandals in the nonprofit sector make people worry that charitable donations will not be put to good use, and tarnish the image of the entire nonprofit community.   More than ever, nonprofits must operate with integrity and must instill confidence in clients, funders, volunteers, watchdog groups and others.  The issue of public trust in nonprofit organizations is crucial for our survival and sustainability.  This seminar will discuss best practices in the areas of transparency, accountability and ethics, and how we can best operate our nonprofits in a trustworthy way.

Topics will include:

·         Applicable state and federal rules that promote accountability, including disclosure and reporting obligations

·         Organizational policies, such as conflict of interests and whistleblower policies, that foster accountability

·         The role of the board

·         Other recommended practices to foster an environment of integrity

·         Nonprofit oversight and watch-dog agencies


Priya Morganstern, Esq., Director, Hartford Program, Pro Bono Partnership

Please call 860-447-1411 ext 3 or register at http://bit.ly/1GziJqr


Branding Facts of Life: The logo just doesn’t matter

Monday, March 23, 2015  

8:30-9:00 AM Coffee and Registration           9:00-12:00 PM Program 

“Brand is the difference between a cup of coffee and a cup of Starbucks”

You (and your nonprofit) have a different “brand” for everyone you work with: clients, donors, community leaders, funders, etc. Even your staff and board members have assigned a “brand”to the organization, and they aren’t necessarily the same.

We’ll ask (and answer) three questions at this workshop:

  1. What is a brand, after all?
  2. What do you think is your organization’s brand for your key constituencies, and is that the one you want them to see?
  3. How do you get to the brand you want?

We’ll discuss the elements of branding, how your audiences differ in their perceptions (and why that matters), the more authentic but less discussed techniques of branding, and some of the formal aspects of branding.

Please sign up early to receive short thought provoking articles on branding that will be discussed at the workshop.

Presenter: Rick Schwartz (www.SchwartzTalk.com)  has worked closely with  charitable people, foundations and nonprofits for 40 years.

Please call 860-447-1411 ext 3 or register at http://bit.ly/1tKmSFZ



What Is the Center?

The Public Library of New London, in partnership with the Foundation Center, is pleased to be able to offer a Non Profit Resource Center to the hundreds of non profits in the area. We offer:

  • Access to information on 100,000 grantmakers and 2.3 million grants through the Foundation Center Online Databases.
  • A variety of non profit literature including periodicals and books on topics ranging from non profit management, to marketing, to social media, to finances, to grant writing and fundraising.
  • Monthly workshops and networking events designed to help non profits better fulfill their mission.



“I just have to let you know how much I got from your presentation [Finding Funding Database Tutorial]  last night. You were slow paced, clear and concise in your delivery and I was able to follow along without panicking or being discouraged. Thank you so much.” - Louise Fabrykiewcz, Save Ocean Beach

“Thank you for doing the work to provide this morning’s Social Media Workshop. Anne’s presentation and handouts came at just the right time for me as I was wondering how to bring social media into our planning process. I will be signing up for both sessions on October 12.” – Lou Allyn, Mystic River Historical Society