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Non Profit Resource Center


Upcoming Events:

Grant Database Training for February:

  • February 6, 9:30- 10:30 am (Grant Database Training for Nonprofits). Register at http://bit.ly/2jM8xKv or call us at 860-447-1411.

Grant Database Training for April:

  • April 3, 12:00- 1:00 pm (Grant Database Training for Individuals). Register at http://bit.ly/2rIjzEg or call us at 860-447-1411.


Creating Effective Development Calendars

Thursday, February 15

Registration 9:30 AM                                      Program 10:00-12:00 PM

What kind of major donor cultivation strategies do you think work the best?

Do you ever find it challenging to have conversations with prospective donors and develop their interest in your cause? As fundraisers, we send out hundreds – maybe even thousands – of mail to our donors and constituents every year along with many, many other efforts to gain interest and support, but what if you aren’t getting the results to match your efforts?

Learn how to cut through the clutter, avoid wasted time, energy and money and get better results with prospective donors by breaking down the best donor cultivation strategies, the importance of donor correspondence and it’s best practices, campaign timelines, key dates and action deadlines that you need to know and how to maintain recognizable consistency.

This workshop will also touch on great know-hows for running your organization including incorporating new budgets, developing and employing strategic plans, and general internal and external communication plans that are effective.

Presenter: Heather Milardo, Executive Director, Avalonia Land Conservancy, Inc.

Register at http://bit.ly/2iw6G8Y call us at 860-447-1411


Risk Management and Insurance Basics for Nonprofits

Thursday, March 22

Registration 9:30 AM                                      Program 10:00-12:00 PM

(Please note: THIS IS NOT A WEBINAR)

Is your organization aware of the risks and liabilities it faces in the daily operation of its programs? Did you know the majority of claims against nonprofits are employment law matters? What precautions can your organization take to minimize exposure? Learn about common areas of risks faced by nonprofits, and some strategies for addressing these risks including the importance of having the right insurance.

Featured Topics

  • What risks does your organization face?
  • What protections and precautions should your organization have in place?
  • Do you have policies for volunteer supervision and employment practices?
  • Do you understand the role of directors & officers insurance? Liability insurance? Other policies?
  • Do you know what your insurance policies say, and what they cover?


Priya Morganstern, Esq., Program Director, Pro Bono Partnership, Inc.

Elizabeth C. Downs, CIC, New England Insurance Services, Inc.

Register at http://bit.ly/2ChBMZf call us at 860-447-1411


Data Literacy

Tuesday, March 27

Registration 9:00 AM                                      Program 9:30-12:00 PM

CTData Academy is here to provide free data training for nonprofits and community agencies.

This is the CTData Academy’s introductory session designed to expand data literacy. Participants come away with a greater understanding of data collection and analysis and a more critical eye toward data encountered in everyday life.

Please use the following link to register: http://bit.ly/2EJ9tpB  or call us at  860-447-1411.


What Is the Center?

The Public Library of New London, in partnership with the Foundation Center, is pleased to be able to offer a Non Profit Resource Center to the hundreds of non profits in the area. We offer:

  • Access to information on 100,000 grantmakers and 2.3 million grants through the Foundation Center Online Databases.
  • A variety of non profit literature including periodicals and books on topics ranging from non profit management, to marketing, to social media, to finances, to grant writing and fundraising.
  • Monthly workshops and networking events designed to help non profits better fulfill their mission.



“I just have to let you know how much I got from your presentation [Finding Funding Database Tutorial]  last night. You were slow paced, clear and concise in your delivery and I was able to follow along without panicking or being discouraged. Thank you so much.” – Louise Fabrykiewcz, Save Ocean Beach

“Thank you for doing the work to provide this morning’s Social Media Workshop. Anne’s presentation and handouts came at just the right time for me as I was wondering how to bring social media into our planning process. I will be signing up for both sessions on October 12.” – Lou Allyn, Mystic River Historical Society