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Non Profit Resource Center

Upcoming Events:

Grant Database Training for September:

  • September 21, 12:30- 1:30 pm ( Grant Database Training for Non-profits). Register at http://bit.ly/1IFGq3E or call us at 860-447-1411.

Grant Database Training for October:

  • October 20, 12:30- 1:30 pm (Introduction to Grantseeking for Individuals). Register at http://bit.ly/1NMDP82 or call us at 860-447-1411.

Grant Database Training for November:

  • November 12, 12:30- 1:30 pm ( Grant Database Training for Non-profits). Register at http://bit.ly/1JKhmdp or call us at 860-447-1411.


Preparing Your Organization For A Capital Campaign

Monday, October 19

Coffee and Registration 9:00 AM                                      Program 9:30-11:30 AM

Are you considering a capital campaign? There are specific things that have been proven necessary for a successful campaign. These include assessing organizational readiness, the case for support and conducting a feasibility study. This workshop will provide you with a basic overview of all these components. In addition, it will answer questions such as “When do we know we’re ready?” “How much does it cost to prepare for and run a campaign?” “Do we hire a consultant?” “What does the Board need to do?” “What do I do first, and second, and so on?” What happens to annual giving during a campaign.

Presenter: Rebecca M. Bryan, CFRE, R. Bryan Associates, LLC  www.rbryanassociates.com

Rebecca Bryan, President of R. Bryan Associates LLC is a leader and seasoned professional dedicating her work to connecting the mission of nonprofit organizations with the resources necessary to achieve their goals.

Register at http://bit.ly/1duuwNi or call us at 860-447-1411.


Board Roles and Responsibilities in Challenging Economic Times

Friday, November 6

Coffee and Registration 9:00 AM                                      Program 9:30-11:30 AM

In these turbulent economic times nonprofits are dealing with extraordinary challenges. This important workshop will discuss the legal and fiduciary obligations of Board Members of a nonprofit organization, and how Boards can effectively deal with these challenges. Topics will include:

• What are the legal roles, responsibilities, and proper activities of the Board of Directors of a nonprofit organization? Have these roles and responsibilities changed as a result of the challenging economy?

• What role should the Board play in the day-to-day operation of the organization?

• What are the potential liabilities of Board Members? Are Board Members liable for the organization’s debts?

• What legal protections exist for Board Members?

Presenter: Priya Morganstern, Esq., Director, Hartford Program, Pro Bono Partnership. Priya provides direct legal services to local nonprofits; connects nonprofit organizations with volunteer attorneys; lectures frequently about nonprofit and tax-exempt organization law and trains volunteer attorneys as necessary in various aspects of nonprofit and tax-exempt law.

Register at http://bit.ly/1e1632Z or call us at 860-447-1411.


How to Build the Perfect Donor Newsletter, Print and Digital

Monday, February 22

Coffee and Registration 9:30 AM                                      Program 10:00-12:00 PM

Do donors really want a newsletter? “Absolutely,” research says. Yet most donor newsletters die unread. Why?

Join award-winning journalist, Tom Ahern, for a fast, in-depth look at the secrets behind great donor newsletters. You’ll learn proven formulas for both paper newsletters and e-newsletters. You’ll learn how to craft a powerful headline (and why that matters). You’ll learn how to invent news when you think you have nothing to say.

Presenter: Tom Ahern is an author and one of the world’s leading experts on donor communications. Each year, he delivers dozens of workshops to fundraisers internationally. He is an award-winning copywriter and journalist. He also works with Prof. Adrian Sargeant and psychologist Jen Shang, developing model direct-mail fundraising communications for PBS TV.

Register at http://bit.ly/1Vflgvu or call us at 860-447-1411.


What Is the Center?

The Public Library of New London, in partnership with the Foundation Center, is pleased to be able to offer a Non Profit Resource Center to the hundreds of non profits in the area. We offer:

  • Access to information on 100,000 grantmakers and 2.3 million grants through the Foundation Center Online Databases.
  • A variety of non profit literature including periodicals and books on topics ranging from non profit management, to marketing, to social media, to finances, to grant writing and fundraising.
  • Monthly workshops and networking events designed to help non profits better fulfill their mission.



“I just have to let you know how much I got from your presentation [Finding Funding Database Tutorial]  last night. You were slow paced, clear and concise in your delivery and I was able to follow along without panicking or being discouraged. Thank you so much.” – Louise Fabrykiewcz, Save Ocean Beach

“Thank you for doing the work to provide this morning’s Social Media Workshop. Anne’s presentation and handouts came at just the right time for me as I was wondering how to bring social media into our planning process. I will be signing up for both sessions on October 12.” – Lou Allyn, Mystic River Historical Society