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Non Profit Resource Center

Upcoming Events:

Grant Database Training for February:

  • February 13, 12:30- 1:30 pm (Introduction to Grantseeking for Individuals). Register at http://bit.ly/2gqT2Wv   or call us at 860-447-1411.

Grant Database Training for March:

  • March 7, 12:30- 1:30 pm (Grant Database Training for Nonprofits). Register at http://bit.ly/2g3WTHC or call us at 860-447-1411.

Grant Database Training for April:

  • April 25, 10:00- 11:00 am (Introduction to Grantseeking for Individuals). Register at http://bit.ly/2lrf6hV  or call us at 860-447-1411.

Using Social Media to Show Gratitude

Friday, Feb 17

Registration 8:30 AM                                      Program 9:00-11:00 AM

Did you know that 53% of donors lapse because of poor donor communication? Though social media usage has become pervasive among nonprofits, it is still used primarily for promotion. Those organizations who are utilizing networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show authentic and personalized appreciation to supporters are reaping the benefits of increased engagement and donor loyalty.

This session will help you discover how to maximize your nonprofit’s social media accounts through thankfulness, instead of promotion. We will examine real-life examples of effective social media usage from organizations large and small, as well as the latest research into what works and what doesn’t.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover time-honored gift acknowledgement techniques that translate perfectly to social media
  • Learn how to formulate a relevant social content strategy for your organization
  • Understand data-driven best practices in timing, format and style of social posts across all networks

Presenter: Steven Shattuck is VP of marketing at Bloomerang, which helps nonprofit organizations to reach, engage and retain the advocates they depend on to achieve their vision for a better world.

Register at http://bit.ly/2e3LJ2f or call us at 860-447-1411


Writing for Digital — Web, mobile, email, Facebook

Thursday, Mar 16

Registration 9:30 AM                                      Program 10:00-12:00 PM

Digital is different. For one thing, it can move and speak (video). For another, it’s action oriented: people click a lot; they read very little. What are today’s best practices in this ever-evolving world? This non-technical overview of writing for digital media introduces key communications concepts from world-class web usability experts like Steve Krug (Don’t Make Me Think) and Ginny Redish (Letting Go of the Words). It also explains in detail why a small animal welfare charity in Bangkok, Thailand, can now raise $350,000 every month in donations from American women 45 and older … using Facebook alone. (Maybe you can do it, too!) The workshop covers best practices for donation landing pages. It shows why offers are so important in this clicker’s playground. And it demonstrates how email and social media build a sense of family in your base and ultimately help you raise more money.

Presenter: Tom Ahern is an author and one of the world’s leading experts on donor communications. Each year, he delivers dozens of workshops to fundraisers internationally.

Register at http://bit.ly/2ddGQHj or call us at 860-447-1411


How to Start Your Non-Profit Business

Tuesday, April 18

Registration 9:30 AM                                      Program 10:00-12:00 PM

If you are thinking about starting or are now running your non-profit organization, understanding the next steps in how to effectively manage your organization will be key to long term success. SCORE counselor Bob Potter will guide you through many of these important areas, including fundraising, managing your Board and Staff, and much more.

Presenter: Bob Potter is a graduate of Syracuse University and has more than 40 years in creative management, marketing communications, and non-profit development for leading corporate, arts, cultural and non-profit organizations.

Register at http://bit.ly/2loBkAk or call us at 860-447-1411


What Is the Center?

The Public Library of New London, in partnership with the Foundation Center, is pleased to be able to offer a Non Profit Resource Center to the hundreds of non profits in the area. We offer:

  • Access to information on 100,000 grantmakers and 2.3 million grants through the Foundation Center Online Databases.
  • A variety of non profit literature including periodicals and books on topics ranging from non profit management, to marketing, to social media, to finances, to grant writing and fundraising.
  • Monthly workshops and networking events designed to help non profits better fulfill their mission.



“I just have to let you know how much I got from your presentation [Finding Funding Database Tutorial]  last night. You were slow paced, clear and concise in your delivery and I was able to follow along without panicking or being discouraged. Thank you so much.” – Louise Fabrykiewcz, Save Ocean Beach

“Thank you for doing the work to provide this morning’s Social Media Workshop. Anne’s presentation and handouts came at just the right time for me as I was wondering how to bring social media into our planning process. I will be signing up for both sessions on October 12.” – Lou Allyn, Mystic River Historical Society